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 TraditionalLegHamTraditional Leg Ham on the Bone







 TraditionalLegHam1/2 Traditional Leg
 Carve and serve or add own glaze & bake





  MangoHoneyGlazed Mango and Honey Glazed Leg Ham
 All the hard work is done, ready to serve, glazed with honey and mango then baked to perfection








 TerracottaBakedLegHamTerracotta Bake Leg Ham
Marinated with parmesan,EVOO, herbs, balsamic vinegar, paprika then baked to perfection





 ChampagneLegHam1/2 Champagne Leg Ham
 Partially boned, full flavour and cooked hanging for a rounder shape







 RolledLegHamRolled Leg Ham (Boneless)
 Fully boned and rolled. The perfect addition to any platter
   PorkRibEyeRoastPork Rib Eye Roast  2-6kg  
 PorkRibEyeRoastBeef Rib Eye Roast
 Our local (WA) free range product
   RolledRoastPorkRolled Roast Pork  2-6kg  
   SeasonedRolledRoastPorkSeasoned Rolled Roast Pork with the following stuffing options:

Cranberry & Chestnut
Apricot & Macadamia
Traditional Granny Mix
Sundried Tomato & Pistachio
Fig & Pistachio
Apple, Sage & Rosemary

   TurkeyWholeTurkey Whole  3-10kg  
   TurkeyWholeTurkey Rolled Breast  2kg  
   TurkeyWholeBallotines (Turkey, Duck & Chicken)  5-6kg  
 GrumpyChookGeobay's very own GRUMPY CHOOKS

Whole - seasoned (seasonings as above)
Boned & rolled
Seasoned boned & rolled
Seasoned boned & rolled with Turkey breast

 Size 16  


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