Quality reminiscent of the good old days. Consistently high quality products. All of our beef is grown locally. From the pasture to the plate.


Here at the Geobay Butchering Company we strive to deliver a consistent product at the highest standards.  All our animals are grown and processed locally before being brought to our butchering facility located in the Busselton LIA. Our sausages and Burgers are gluten free and we now have a wide range of Gourmet sausages. "Grumpy Chook" is our new chicken range, using Free Range WA birds, we have a whole display fridge full of Grumpy Chook including Gluten Free crumbed delicacies.  We have a good range of Smoking woods and meat rubs/sauces and have available nice big chunky smoking/BBQing meats as well as a new Dry Aging Fridge and wow that is amazing to see. So come in and check us out and support a small local business that supports our local WA producers, you won't be disappointed, we're all good for a chat as well!!!




5 Star Meets and Geobay Butchering Company have joined forces!






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